Google Drive Discontinued. Will Insync still work?


Will insync stop working when Google officially turns off Google drive client for Windows and Mac on March 12th?


It’s just Google deprecating their older sync client. It doesn’t affect any other clients, including Insync.


If we’re going to be accurate, what they’re probably deprecating is the upstream API with which the Google drive client software communicates. It’s my concern that insync may use the same API. If so, it stands to reason, that insync will cease functioning as well. I would like some kind of confirmation from insync staff that this is not the case.

I appreciate your response, @Hawk


Google’s official clients use their internal APIs.
All third party clients (including Insync) use Google’s public APIs. It’s never the same thing in the first place.
There’s no change in the public APIs.

P.S.: Google’s announcement regarding the Drive client is soooo unnecessarily confusing that it’s really a PR disaster, just like the top answer in your linked Quora question says. It’s really not a big deal. Google’s migrating their old sync client users to their new client. That’s all.


I agree it really is a PR disaster. I read the gsuite blog post and it is extremely ambiguous. It’s almost as if someone was intentionally trying to create confusion.

That said, may I ask how you came across this information, with regard to internal versus external APIs, etc? I would just like to know that it’s verifiable information. I have people to whom I’m accountable to ensure that the insync solution continues to work on their network. They need a little bit more reassurance.

Hope you can understand. I do appreciate the response (again) :blush:


Well… their public APIs are live and running

Their new sync clients are live and running

I don’t what kind of assurance you hope to find. Because Google never said anything like they’ll discontinue their public APIs in the first place, so they won’t say that they won’t discontinue the public API either.


So we are going to rely on what Google has not said. While that sounds really strange, it actually makes sense. They are notorious for spinning up things and then abandoning them a couple years later, they’ve been doing it for a long time. They seem to just throw things at the wall and see what sticks. it’s disappointing when you get used to one of their great products like Hangouts on air for example, only to see that go up in smoke. Google plus is now going the way of the dinosaur. There’s a host failed products and service offerings that they pulled or are pulling.

I must say I’m rather disappointed that no one from insync has weighed in on this question at all. It would seem in their best interest, given that this question is going to start getting asked to more frequently, I suspect.

Thank you for your answers, insync should pay you for providing the customer support that they don’t.


Actually, isn’t the timeline a bit off? Google’s original blog said they’d discontinue the old sync client in March of 2018. It’s already happened.

To be fair, our discussion happened over Friday night in Insync’s team’s timezone.


Thanks for the input, @Hawk! :slight_smile: All the points you raised are right regarding Google’s announcement.