Google Drive File Loss: Changed Base Folder Before Initial Sync Completion

I’m using insync to sync about 9TB of files, between a local external 12TB HD and google drive. All files already exist in both locations.

I committed the cardinal sin of pausing sync and changing the base folder before allowing the initial sync to complete (there should be more warning not to do this!). However, it would not be possible to wait for the initial sync to complete as the system storage drive (1TB) where the default base folder lives would not have enough space to complete the sync.

I am now missing a bunch of files in google drive. If I attempt to open a .gdoc file from my local external HD, google drive web client tells me the file is in the trash. Which I assume is from changing the base folder.

I’m wondering how to proceed without risking file loss. Should I simply unpause sync and wait until insync has finished syncing? or has changing the base folder messed up the sync process entirely and continue file loss?

I’m also wondering why unsyncing a folder causes it to be removed from my local hd. I’m now scared to proceed.

OS 10.15.7 insync v

I was able to locate the loss files in My Drive trash. Not sure why they took so long to appear. Also found that the reason google docs were not working is that the new, duplicate folders insync created, upload the binary links to the google docs instead of the documents themselves. I know the google drive app does not actually copy google docs locally but just a binary sym link file. but is it normal for insync to sync those binary sym link files back to My Drive?

Hi @Bryan,

I am terribly sorry for what happened here!! :frowning: Let me bring this up with our engineers.

I have received your email with the log files attached. Let me do some tests to try and replicate the deletion as you’ve described.

As a note: one possible reason why it may have taken a while for the deleted files to appear is the size/number of files.

no problem. I understand the initial errors were my fault. It would be nice if insync were able to anticipate these user changes while pausing, and could adjust or have some sort of popup warning accordingly without moving files around.

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Hi @Bryan,

Will definitely bring this up with the team-- the pop-up/warning is not something new; users have also suggested that previously.

Many thanks for this feedback. :slight_smile: