Google drive - files are now deleted or duplicated

I have 2 locations, each seeks to share via Google drive.
Problem is i had to restore one location using a backup.

First attempt - saw all files being deleted on Google Drive.
Second attempt - was where i copied all of the files to the new folder.
But now they are all being uploaded to Google Drive.
I once was using 8.6 GB but am about to end up using 2X8.6GB

What is the standard approach to re-establishing folder locations.
Must if delete the Google drive and seek to start afresh ??

i suppose , upon restoring from backup, i could have let it re-sync.
But i chose to delete the files - so to rely on the Google Drive entries.

How do you start with a clean folder and force a download ???
Must Insync - delete files on the Server??
It seems to want to do that - after a create a new folder location

Must i delete all files on the Server.
and change location on one client
and add files to that client

Hi @techmedia can you try the following workaround and let us know how it goes?

  1. It will be best to backup the files locally first. Make sure these are the most updated versions of this file
  2. Remove your account from the app
  3. Manually clean up Google Drive for any duplicates
  4. Re-add account

For this you have two options:
5a. Point your Insync to the folder you used for Backup so Insync can attempt to file match
5b. Use the default location Insync created during set up

Ok, well deleted at all ends, and reintroduced the files again.
Also cleaned up files in the Google account first.
It should work out
Did notice that a file at one end (a test file) was moved to “insync_deleted”
So it seems that there is a sync script that gives priority to files on the Server.
And so can treat a file as - redundant.
But this is only whilst building the local database of records.

I suppose - we will get by, but i was wondering if there is a set of steps that ??
e.g. force the local database to rebuild, by changing to a new folder.
?? hitting a re-sync from scratch button ??
?? hitting a sync from Server only button ?? (thus avoiding deletes)
?? The “change folders” step - but a check-box - to get from the Server only. ???

Or just make do !!!
Problem is i have to upload - 4 hours, then down load another 4 hours
I cannot copy to the new remote destination and ask to have the database rebuilt

Okay, i get it now.
I cleaned the Server

I added files to client#1
This uploaded to the server

Either i wait for client#2 to download and update
To save time at client#2
I could have -
removed the account first
Then, manually copied the files to there.
Then re-introduced the account.
This would build a client#2 database
This would match to what is on the Server

The result would be faster, and no uploaded duplicates.

My earlier problems were not deleting the account
This caused 2 problems
!st was it deleted files off the server
2nd was it begun to upload duplicates and take up double the space.

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