Google Drive OAuth token expires very often

Over the last few months Google Drive OAuth token expires very often. Sometimes once a week but mostly every two weeks or so. It didn’t use to be like that. What could be causing this?

Hi @cdysthe! Could you confirm if this is happening on the GUI version (v3.8.x) or the headless build (v3.2.x-headless)? You could send some screenshots here too (omit any personal details if needed), just in case you were able to do so prior to re-authenticating.

@mia Using the GUI version 3.85 on Windows 11. Doesn’t seem to happen with the GUI version on Linux though. Would renewing the token on one client also renew on others. I mean, if I renew on Windows would that also renew it on my Linux machine?

Hi @cdysthe! Good question - let me check. In any case, could you follow this section from our Playbook?

@mia I keep having to renew the Oauth for Google Drive token several times a week. Got another one this morning:

Hi @cdysthe! Could you please let me know if you’ve tried to follow the abovementioned steps prior?