(Google Drive) Your authentication token is invalid. Please try logging in again


I get this error consistently now and it’s persisted through the past couple of Insync versions.

When I click on the notification, it takes me to a Google login screen, but once I try to login, I get this error:

I can bypass this error by copying and pasting the original URL to an incognito window and logging in that way, but it doesn’t get rid of the “Your authentication token is invalid” error.

This seems to be an old issue that was supposedly addressed in a previous update but it’s come back for me over the past couple of months.

Hi @moeschl,

Indeed, this is being reported again, particularly by Google Drive users (the previous fix was for OneDrive).

Does the error above persist if you try logging in via alternative method?

Please also send your logs.db and out.txt files to support@insynchq.com so I can forward this to our engineers. Thank you!

I can confirm I see this on Mac, too. When I then click the pop-up to re-authenticate, InSync immediately pops up a new notification again saying “Your authentication token is invalid.” But if at this stage I quit InSync and re-start it things do seem to work as normal.

This has happened a few times over the past few weeks. I have not seen this happen on my Linux machine.

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Thank you for the lead, @RobinJ1995. Let me forward this to our engineers to investigate the issue further.

Reviving this issue as it appears to be happening again. I’ve just sent an email to support@insynchq.com with my logs.db and out.txt files. Unfortunately the alternative method isn’t much help as that only seems to apply when you are adding an account. I tried using it but it said that the account was already present.

Hi @ekalfwonS!

Thank you - we received your reply and have responded.

I can confirm I am also seeing this on Linux about once per day. I need to quit the insync app, and re-open it to get insync working again.

I’m an Insync newbie, on day two of the seven day trial. I am getting this authentication problem and exiting the app and restarting it does NOT workaround the problem. I’ve submitted a problem report and a copy of my logs to the support email.

Running Linux Mint 20.3 (Cinnamon). Installed Insync originally with the .deb installer on the website. Then completely wiped the install and reinstalled from the Synaptic channel. No difference.

Okay… if I log back in - from the three dot menu, selecting Help and then the alternative login method (using a private Firefox window). I get the message that the Drive is already synching and the error message disappears.

I am not sure if my issue is related but I am trying to use the headless version on linux and I can’t sign in at all and keep getting “Auth invalid” error - no matter how many time i try it…

Hi @IVG - the auth errors are related, but we are investigating them as separate issues: on the Desktop and Server (Headless). It looks like you have also posted about your issues on a separate Forums thread, which I have responded to. Thank you!

@adachan Hi Adam! Could you confirm if the default login also fails, leading you to resort to the alternative login method on the app?

Clarification - re-authenticating with the alternative login method (via Help menu), temporarily restores synchronization. But after some time (a few hours at most) the token becomes invalid. I have submitted detailed info and logs to Insync Support ( @mia ) and they are still investigating.

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Thank you for posting your updates here @dpbaril :slight_smile:

Confirmed this happens on Ubuntu 22.04LTS. Have to recertify at random times. Happens with both the regular or alternative login methods.

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@Benjamin_Barrowes Hello! Could you send your logs.db and out.txt files to support@insynchq.com? Just need to check a couple of things and run it by our engineers for further advise!

For reference, those log files are located here: ~/.config/Insync. Thank you! :slight_smile:

I’m having the very same issue. Help!

@Carlos_A_Rocha_Rodri Could you please send your logs to support@insynchq.com and include the link to this post? Here’s how: https://help.insynchq.com/en/articles/1834816-locating-the-log-files

Thank you!