Google File Stream support


Does Insync support Google File Stream?


We do not, as file stream is a different service from Google Drive. We’ll add this to our feature requests :slight_smile:


Yes, this please. Exactly like the functionality of “Google File Stream”.
Just install Insync, and BAM , all Gdrive files are visible in Explorer or Finder.
Then when a file is double-clicked, THEN only that file is synced / downloaded.

So indeed, do not put this functionality away in the Insync app, but directly under peoples noses in the file structure. Exactly like Google File Stream works now.
If you implement that, then I can uninstall Google File Stream, and use Insync for all my Google Accounts.
Thank you.


Got this, @Jos_Jonkeren! Replied to your comment on the other Topic. :slight_smile:


I was ready to drop the $30 on this to get the functionality of Google Drive File Stream on my linux box. Without this functionality, insync is of not use to me. :frowning: