Green icon despite files to sync

Hi team,

I have been having serious concerns with the reliability of the product. As mentioned in a previous thread, I used insync to upload a large amount of call recordings to our Google Drive, and they disappeared.

Now, I have another similar issue. I have put a number of folders in the Google Drive folder on my machine via recursive link (Kubuntu 16.04.3) as the files are stored on an external drive.
No problem, insync sees them and then adds them up into the cloud.

Unfortunately, I have been copying files into these folders and it is not syncing them, and is showing a green icon as if its finished, but the Google drive web interface shows no content.

There is 124GB of stuff to upload, and nothing happening. How do I get the program to re-scan the folders and understand there is content yet to upload? If I deselect the folders via the interface it will delete them - and all the content, even the stuff it hasn’t uploaded.


Hi @estmar can you send in your logs along with the link to this post to so our engineer can investigate this further?
How to find the log files