Have to buy Insync Teams even if I don't use Teams Drive


I have an account that don’t have a license for Team Drives, but Insync wants me to buy the Team version…


Hi @lulu3030,

Do you plan to get Prime for the same account or you won’t be needing this for Insync at all?


Thank you for the answer. What is Prime? I just have 2 personal accounts on my Insync.


Is it possible to have several accounts with a license? I received an email saying I should pay for my new account (that is just a personal account).


Hi @lulu3030! Here are our pricing FAQs: https://help.insynchq.com/insync-accounts-security-licenses-and-pricing-plans/faqs-on-pricing-and-licenses

You’ll need one license per Google account used. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the answer. Where is it written that I must pay 2 licenses if I have 2 accounts?

On the home page, it is written that Insync supports multiple accounts. For me it means that, if you buy Insync, you will be able to sync multiple accounts.


Hi @lulu3030,

You can find this info on our Buy page: https://www.insynchq.com/buy/prime. We give bulk discounts when you get more than one license. :grin:

I’ll raise your feedback to our team so we can communicate this clearer to our users. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the link.

I will buy another license with pleasure because you develop a nice software. But, yes, indeed, I think it should be clearer on the webpages I think


You’re most welcome. :slight_smile: Thanks again for bringing this to my attention!