#HEADLESS #LINUX What are Insync-Headless system requirements?

I was diging-around and could not find the “system requirements” for Insync-Headless.
What are it’s system requirements?

For example, are there and dependencies on a particular version of some common Linux components - such as PHP?

In particular, I ask because ( among other things), I am looking to upgrade my Debian 10 to either Debian 11 or even (very soon) Debian 12 - and probably upgrading somewhere in there from PHP 7.x to 8.x - and I know that breaks some other things. Wondering if that would have any impact on Insync-Headless?

PS: Made this a new thread to avoid confusing other threads I am on regarding troubleshooting un-related issue.

Thank you for separating this thread from the other discussion! :slight_smile: I’ve forwarded this to our Linux Team for further advice, @Mecha_Weasel.

No problem, not sure its tagged right though. Not really “bugs and issues”, so much as just question. maybe for a FAQ or something.

Changed tag to technical question :slight_smile:

Hey @Mecha_Weasel! Here’s what our engineer said about this:

When upgrading distro versions (like Debian 10 to 11), users should:

  1. Update the Insync repo sources to use the upgraded distro codename in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/insync.list
  2. Re-install insync (sudo apt remove insync-headless && sudo apt update && sudo apt install insync-headless)

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: