Headless one-way synchronization

I have been using insync for years on a Linux machine, including one-way syncing. I have just installed insync-headless today and cannot find how to setup one-way sync, i.e. Google Drive as source and local as target. Can anyone point me in the right direction?



Hello @Paul_Haenze! My apologies, 1-way syncing is currently supported on our Desktop version, but not on our Headless version yet. I’m happy to forward this as an upvote to the feature request, if you’d like!

Yes, please upvote it. Honestly, I expected the headless linux version to have the same functionality as the desktop linux version. Is there a table somewhere that compares the functionality of the versions? I have been using Insync for years personally and thought it was a great solution for my organization. So, I really need to know whether that expectation is true.

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Hi @Paul_Haenze! Let me forward your concern to our engineers so I can get a more exhaustive list of features supported for each version.

Am I understanding that your organization needs the insync-headless instead of the desktop version?

Hi Mia.
Thanks for contacting me. We need the headless version as I have set up a small Linux server for this specific purpose. A desktop would not fulfill the need we have.

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@Paul_Haenze I see! Gotcha. I’ll follow up on the more comprehensive list of desktop versus server features. Thank you for your patience!