Headless to portable transition?


I’ve been using insync-headless in Linux for a very long time. It recently failed - no sync and status shows UNLINKED. I downloaded and installed insync-headless It also shows UNLINKED and has been running at 100% CPU for quite a while.

In perusing the forum, I see references to insync-portable. Is this a drop-in replacement for insync-headless, or will I need to start from scratch? This is a big issue. I have 50gb of files that are synced. An insync bug years ago deleted thousands of files and created tens of thousands of duplicates. I really don’t want to live through that again.

Thanks for any help or guidance.


Update - the new version of insync-headless has now (finally) finished startup and seems to be working. I’m not panicked now, but my original question remains: is ‘portable’ a drop-in replacement for ‘headless’ as far as the configuration and database files?


Yes! The same configuration/database files can be used with either portable or headless.