Help... I don't want whole gdrive downloading


Hi there,

Relatively new to insync. Have paid my $30 for the prime version, after quite liking it (no more than that) during my free trial. Am using it at the moment from Debian running in a crostini container on a pixelbook chromebook.

Anyway, I set it all up and it just starts downloading the entirety of my drive, which is over 100 GB, which I don’t want, but it won’t stop. I’ve tried every switch, not a single folder is selected for in selective synch, just a couple of small files.

I would like to be able to exactly choose, on each side of the sync, which folders are synced (like e.g. dropsync or drivesync apps for android). Am I missing some options somewhere? I think during my trial earlier it did something similar in the sense that any newly-created file in my google drive was automatically synced, which I don’t want.

Anyway, hopefully I’m being daft and this is easy to solve. If it is, I’ll stick with it…



Well… its been running all night, eating my CPU and queuing 10s of 1000s of files for queuing without actually doing anything. Not impressed.


I have a similar problem on Windows and Mac.

It seems that Insync is first checking all files on Google Drive before doing anything.

So I have a queu of 3079006 items … even though I only want so sync a small part of these.

This has been a problem for so long that I really want to stop using Insync completely.

I tried using the --skip-local-scan option but that did not change anything.



It’s probably not syncing anything, but just scanning all your GD files. This is necessary to build a sync database to facilitate sync in the future. Maybe there’s some room for optimization.

You can uncheck “sync new children of partial folders” in “folder settings” to disable syncing of new files.


So I did this^, and it stopped syncing, and I thought ‘oh maybe its actually working now’. And then I checked the couple of small directories I’d been trying to sync all this time (feels like a lifetime already). Most of the files gone, including all of the crucial LaTeX files. Fortunately they were still on gdrive and still on my trusty usb stick, but I’m done with this terrible piece of software (‘awesome support’ !).