HELP! Latest Linux version has deleted loads of files

As it says in the title.

Please send us logs to and reference this forum URL.

cc @lpugoy

FWIW, this happened to me once, too (long ago, and Insync converted all of the deleted docs to MS Format before deleting them!).

The files are still in your GDrive trash, so they’re not entirely lost.

I looked through the gmail trash and the old copy of the insync was not syncronising properly, so there were no versions on the gdrive system

@kraken17 Please try this: How to retrieve lost or deleted files

Not GMAIL, GDrive. Visit and look in the “Trash” folder.

Bump - Me too. The files are not in google drive trash (or even my history) either. :frowning:

With something this serious why is there no response from Insync. My customer is jumping all over me as loads of files are missing, and I am getting not alot of response to tell them.
Please acknowledge this!!!

Still waiting even though i twittered then support people. Perhaps more people should complain as they are not takingvthis seriously.

@JasonFuller @kraken17 Did you find your files inside of .insync-trash?

cc @lpugoy

No. .insync-trash does not exist on my linux machine anymore. Can you not tell that from my log files?

No, my trash file had more recent documents, but not the ones I was looking for.

@kraken17 I’ve replied to your support email.

For others please send your logs to if you haven’t yet and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

This is happening again. insync should be sync’ing off of a common source of gdrive. I think what happened in my case is when I took a laptop and sync’d all but select folders it thwacked my photos (one not selected) globally. This is a very serious bug. I happen to find all photos in insync-trash, but it sucked from my gdrive and issued those files for trash as well. Like any repo, the source should in this case be the cloud drive. If there is any question about what the originating source is in insynchhq - they should be asked. If different versions of the drive exist for a user, they should also be prompted to check for differences. I almost lost every photo I had. GDrive is a backup, insynqhq shouldn’t make it a liability.