HighDPI Font Scaling


When I am using InSync on my Surface Book I have a very pixelated Window and very pixelated fonts, also the icon is scaled up.

Is there a HighDPI Support (Scaling is set to 200% by default inside of Windows) and how can I enable it?


Tagging our engineer @dipesh and he will get back to you :smile:


Hello @skeltob,

Insync does support High DPI resolution. Could you send to us the screenshot of how it looks on your machine at support@insynchq.com?



I have the same problem: Insync looks very pixelated/blurry on both my Windows 10 laptop screen (Surface Book 3000x2000 pixels, 175% scaling) and external monitor (4K, 175% scaling). Are there concrete plans to resolve this?


Same problem here, recently moved to a FullHD laptop and the Insync UI looks blurry. If you need screenshots I can gladly add them.


Hi @ThePx,

Yes please, would appreciate if you could include the screenshots and send to support@insynchq.com with the link to this post :slight_smile: Thank you!


@miamoran I’ve just send them, I hope they’re clear enough. Thanks :grimacing: