How do I get the authoritative link for a file?


insync-headless get_link $PWD/file # creates a new public link
insync-headless get_domain_link $PWD/file # creates a new domain link

How do I just get the canonical link associated with $PWD/file? Something like:

insync-headless report_link $PWD/file

This would be useful if I want to review what the file looks like in a web browser. I could use it:

xdg-open $(insync-headless report_link $PWD/file)

xdg-open open_in_gdrive $PWD/file seems close. Doesn’t open up a new chrome tab with the file in it.

It would also be useful if insync-headless help ${command} didn’t just parrot the command:

insync-headless help get_domain_link
insync get_domain_link FULL_PATH

Get domain link for file

If I didn’t understand that this created a NEW link with domain (name) visibility, this response isn’t helpful. Thanks.