How do I speed up syncing?


I installed InSync about two weeks ago. Our business decided to switch from DropBox to InSync + Drive.

I’ve kept it syncing every work day for the full day (so for 10 days, ~8 hours per day), and it is not close to completely syncing my shared Drive Files.

Is there any way to speed it up?

I have a solid, fast internet connection, so that’s not the problem.

Using: InSync on a MacBook Pro, OS X El Capitan 10.11.2, more than 200GB still free.


Hi there, unfortunately, the current initial sync speed is slow, however, succeeding syncs will be much quicker afterwards.

I can also suggest if you have the official Google Drive client, use that first to download the files then reuse the same folder to sync with Insync.


Use the official Google Drive client? If that client worked for my situation I wouldn’t have paid for InSync’s client.
Please add the ability to control how much bandwidth is used or how many files sync’d simultaneously.


such a shame… it’s an elementary feature.


I would welcome this feature, really important.


I’m weighing in here, as a long-time Insync and Dropbox user, who is now attempting to migrate all of my dropbox files to G Drive via Insync…

What a monumental PITA this is. I currently have about 218,000 files queued up, and no way to maximise the speed of the upload, despite being on a fast and reliable connection.

Bandwidth management is a fundamental requirement for a tool of this nature, and an exhaustive search of the forum using the keywords ‘bandwidth’ and/or ‘speed’ indicates that customers have been asking about this for almost five years, and Insync keeps saying ‘we’re working on it.’

Seriously? You must have an absolutely brutal churn rate if you can keep pushing off customers for that long.

So here’s a novel idea. Put it in the roadmap, and let us know when it’s going to be implemented, and then execute on it.

And in the meantime, if there IS a work around, whether that’s through terminal, or using some third party app to manage the bandwidth, put that information front and centre so we can all move past a limitation that cripples the usefulness of this app for any major migration events.


I’ve mentioned this in other threads, but Insync being a third parity, can only use Google Drive’s public API, which comes with various visible and invisible restrictions. It’s not that straightforward or even practical or possible for Insync to unilaterally increase upload speed.

Google’s official client has the advantage that it uses internal API which undoubtedly enjoys some privilege.


Found a workaround for the initial sync/upload for my ~500,000 files. Pause Insync, then upload the local files with the normal Drive website, and it handles it orders of magnitude faster than Insync. There’s a weird limit with the number of individual things you can upload concurrently (i.e. files OR directories), but that can be avoided by just lumping your stuff into a few parent directories. Took a few hours with 50Mbps up, but better than the weeks Insync was on pace for. Then unpause Insync, and it should fly through the queue in a matter of minutes as it discovers that they exist on Drive. YMMV.