How do I stop automatic software updates or revert to an older version of Insync?


Please tell me how I can opt out of automatic updates, and/or how I can revert to a previous version and “pin” Insync at that release.

Automatic software updates that radically change the visual interface of the application or the user flow ought not be force-installed to users’ computers unawares. Especially not as a point release. I know this is 2015, and large software companies have essentially legitimized this practice, but you’re still a small and compassionate team, and you still care about your users, right?

I fully understand and expect that you’ll launch into the regular pleas that users leave automatic updates enabled for security fixes, etc. Users don’t care. Visual appearance and application behavior are all that users care about. Especially users who are used to what they’re used to. Leave the visual overhauls for major releases, and please give the users some warning first, or give them a way to revert to the old user interface.

Thanks for your consideration.


@ernstki actually, the automatic updates were conceived because we care about our users. Making sure that users are up-to-date, especially for security fixes is very important.

Having said that, I understand what you are saying and we actually sent a pre-release email about 1.2 to all Insync customers giving them a heads up about the upcoming UI overhaul. It looks like you missed this :frowning:



I believe there is a huge cultural shift happening in software right now, and I guess this is just indicative of that. I’ll either get over it, or I’ll wholly convert into a Stallmanite.

Thanks anyway. Sorry to have to be the vocal minority who didn’t love the new UI. Keep up the great work.


software updates usually may occur due to automatic software updates kept on. Try turning of the automatic software updates. You may also try turning of auto-downloads.