How I missed a flight because of insync

I had checked in a day before and saved the ticket.pdf on my usual gdrive folder, how I always did it. Computer was on all night with plenty of time to sync. It would always sync within less than a minute.

Next day I arrive at check-in when its already closed. With no luggage to check in I still have more than enough time to go through security and have a coffe before boarding. Its Munich airport, I live here. I know the gate. I’ve been on this flight plenty of times.

I want to get the QR Code of the ticket.pdf to get through security but the file didnt sync. I have no way of accessing my pdf. Without the QR code I have no way of getting through security even though I have the eticket number. I miss my flight, I miss my date, we won’t be making the children that will save Earth from its extinction.

[removed profanities]

I bought insync because of its reliability and because of its fantastic context menu features to create a copy of the link location which I had used all the time. I have registered and happily paid insync for three different company accounts.

Since “upgrading” to insync3 none of these features are working any more. Context menus are gone. (your shitty “view on web” doesnt count!!), insync helper is gone (Linux) and worst of all syncing became unrealiable.

[removed more profanities] :wink:


Speaking truth! I arrived to give my lecture one day (when I had insync3 installed) and my lecture had not uploaded, leaving me to have to wing the entire thing from memory. Miserable!

All quiet from Insync on a response to your bad event, as if Winter is Coming.

P.S. Liked your profanity laced original post better :stuck_out_tongue: This is data storage and important business we’re talking about, not a self-help workshop. I’d rather see Insync respond with outright hostility to customer problems than to (as they are doing) simply ignoring us when they can’t find anything Nice or Happy to say. The truly nice and happy thing would be to respond, warts and all.


Hi guys!

I apologise for not responding sooner and more so for the huge trouble!

Could you please send your logs to so that we may look into the issue? Please include a link to this post as well as your OS and Insync version.

Thank you!

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I dont want to send the logs of my private computer for analysis. If I did, I had signed up for the beta test program. And thats really, where V3 belongs to atm.

It should be fairly easy to reproduce the issue of no syncing devices. People are talking about it here all the time.

In the meantime, you have released a statement which gives us a little bit of hope.

I hope it reminds you that syncing is a crucial thing for many of us. You have started this airplane and you should learn not to fix it while its in the air.