How to migrate from Dropbox Client

I have a large(ish) dropbox account. The Dropbox client for Fedora 37 is not stable. I am testing insync.

When starting insync, it begins downloading to a folder in my home directory such as ~/insync/*

Since these files are already on my computer located at ~/Dropbox, I need to be able to alter the local path of the files. I have tried various option, but not hit upon the way to instruct insync to us a specific local folder for all cloud files.

Thanks for your help!

Hi @BlueRidge! It sounds like you would need to move your Base Folder. Here’s how:

Thanks. That appears to be the solution. Oddly, after looking into it, I ended up moving away from DropBox as was was a week away from renewal and had 2T in GDrive available for one of my domains that I have parked with Google, so I have been moving my files there. Once moved, I will try Insync with Google Drive.

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