How to remove a machine from my license

I removed Linux from my laptop and installed windows 10 on it and now upgraded to windows 11.
It now registers as 2 machines in my license (which has 3 machine licenses).
How can i remove a machine from the license?

Hi @OrionPaxNL,

Could you send me an email ( with the link to this post? Please also include the email account that you’re using on Insync.

It seems like I’m viewing a Company Sync plan, which supports unlimited machines. What I’m understanding is you’d like to remove the Linux machine that’s still linked to your license, is that correct?

Btw - I am requesting the email since it would include you disclosing your Insync account to ensure I’m looking at the correct one. Would prefer these info be kept secure for our users rather than posted on our Forums. :slight_smile: Thank you!

OK, i have send you an e-mail.

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Got the email @OrionPaxNL! I’ll reply there.