How to set the location of folders shared with me?


I love the fact that you can add any directory in the file system to Insync and it cleverly adds a Junction (on Windows) to the Insync folder pointing to original directory to be synchronized. That way my directory structure can remain the way it is while I can sync anything I want.

However, I did not find a way to set the file system location for folders that are shared with me. These are always stored in the Insync directory.

Is there a way to do that - or could that be added in a future release?



@helgeklein Insync doesn’t support this. We could consider this but we always thought that incoming shared folders should be treated the same as other folders.


Hi, we need this feature!

Y have two partners using Insync and they think the same…

I have a nice drive structure, sorted, all my folders has good names, sorted by theme, but when other people share folders and files with me my directory structure breaks up…(visually), it is all caos, all folders mixed, unordered. The best way is to have the posibility to choose where my shared folders will be. They can be in a subdirectory (not synqued with others folders) or in any directory I choose.



+1 need this. My root directory is filling up with folders all belonging to different projects and I can’t keep track of them any more. Also people are sometimes unimaginative in the folder names (how many shared folders are called ‘shared’?) which again breaks the organization.


We are releasing a feature called “Sync@” in Insync 1.4.0 that allows you to place any top level folder including Shared with me anywhere locally.


I see that I can move individual folders that are shared with me locally in the current version. But is there a way to set the default location for all shared-with-me folders?

Desired organization:



this is arriving in Insync 3 :wink:


Nice :+1: ! Any ballpark/anticipated release date?


we don’t share release dates but you can join the insync 3 beta –