How to sync folders that have not turned up on my Local Drive


I have got no specific sync Settings, All folders are set to true.

I have had connection issues but they seem to be resolved

I am trying to use this command:
insync-headless force_sync\ folder(top)

It like all cli commands are not clear how or when they should be used.

A better guide is needed!
Can I help start a better, do you guys need help?

So 3 questions,

  1. how to use the above command “force_sync”
  2. Why would my status say synced when I am missing folders from my local copy, they have not come down from G Drive.
  3. How can I re-sync to bring them down.


Why is your support causing so much grief?, when you have a product that could be quite good?


I just want support, not an answer that gives me lip service.


Hi Jamie,

Really sorry for the late response.

  1. Force sync doesn’t really “force sync” a file. It just forces a re-scan on the local file/folder. Admittedly, the name of the feature is very misleading and we’ll work on changing that as it’s poor UX and really very confusing.
  2. The folders that are missing from the local copy, were they also selected for syncing beforehand? It might be that Insync has finished syncing the files and folders you initially set for syncing, hence the “synced” status.
  3. Could you try selecting the files via selective sync mode? You can use set_selective_sync What comes up when you run get_sync_progress?

Let me know how these go and I’ll see what else we can do to move forward.

  1. if force sync forces the sync of a folder then it does do that ??? but documentation about how to use does not exist. Please update the command list.
  2. Of course they were selected, yes it appears to have finished “SYNCED” but the folders are not syncing.
  3. Have I tried?.. I have selected, unselected, reselected… nothing works…I would use these if there was documentation on how to use these features.
    You guys need to expand on the how/why/where/when of the various headless commands.
    At present it is guess work.

Start providing support. and stop apologising, customers just want fixes and the product working.
If you worked on improving the documentation for the rest of the day and published it then customers could self support.
When/Why to use Commands.
How to use Commands with simple and complex examples.
WHat happens when I do.
What should/shouldn’t I see in the log
Plus some simple solutions to things like how to stop the service and restart, resync