How to unsync the folder and still keep my local copy

I have sync a folder from google drive.
I got the problem that if I add the content to the folder, it automatically uploaded to google drive.
I do not want to upload my own stuff to the google driver, because the google drive is shared by the team.

How can I unsync it but still keep my local copy?

The interface is a bit unfriendly.

How can I only do one way sync. I mean just download from google drive, but do not upload any changes I made in my local machine.

Hi there,

I may understand that Insync isn’t a downloader; it’s a syncing tool which means it will insure that both local and cloud folders are identical. I think you can’t tell Insync to only download things because if you modify a file localy, then the tool would have to redownload the original since it wouldn’t exist anymore on your computer.

Sorry if my english isn’t perfect, but I still hope you understand my explanations :slight_smile:

Have a great evening!

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You can

  1. pause sync first
  2. move the folder out of Insync’s top level folder
  3. unsync this folder in Insync’s file manager interface
  4. resume sync

One way “sync” isn’t supported yet. Though I hear it’s among their short term goals.

Hi @Enliang_Zheng_US,

@Hawk’s workaround is one thing you can do for one-way sync! It’s one of our highly requested features so we’re looking to add it to our client in the near future. :slight_smile:

Let us know how it goes and just shoot a message or respond to this thread if you have more questions!

Un 2021 I’m still very much after this feature :slight_smile: