How's the dual boot feature?

hello all.

how are you finding the dual boot support feature? is it useful?

thanks in advance!

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I think it’s great, although the stealth release of it in 3.6(.1) might have escaped notice. I’ve been looking forward to this for a while; it seems to be functioning well so far. I really appreciate this having been implemented - it’s something you should shout about more widely, as I don’t think this is in any way possible with other clients.

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Hi @philstopford,

Thanks for the feedback! Good point on the release; dual boot was originally deployed in 3.6.0, however you’ll notice that we didn’t have a 3.6.0 forums post. We had to deploy some additional fixes (not related to dual boot) and included it in 3.6.1 (which was posted a few days back). We’ll definitely keep these things in mind to ensure that new features on the application are explicitly shown to our users.

Could you let me know if you’re using Linux as one of the OSes on your machine?

I have a very mixed environment. Some machines are single boot, some are dual and a few are three-way. Most machines run Windows primarily, but there are several running different Linux variants (Linux Mint, Kubuntu, Arch) and the main 3-way machine generally runs Linux Mint, but shares an NTFS Bitlocker volume (including the Google Drive folder on that partition) across Win10, Mint and a Hackintosh Big Sur environment.


@philstopford That’s awesome! Thank you for sharing what your setups look like :raised_hands: