Huge database, slow startup, constant I/O

My local insync db has grown to 2.5GB. As a consequence, it takes hours to start up, and apparently insync keeps fiddling with the DB as it runs, resulting in extreme slowdown and SSD wear. Are you aware of the issue, and do you intend to do something about it? It’s making insync almost unusable

My files DB is only ~35MB and I have >170GB of small(ish) files like docs and photos. Either you have a ridiculous number of files you are syncing, or there is some kind of bug. Have you tried browsing the DB and seeing if there is something crazy going on like hundreds of duplicates?

This is a drive we use to share data across a large team, so there are many (hundreds of thousands) of files. Everyone only syncs selectively the folders *e is working on, but the problem is that the database comprises all of the files on the drive, which is what makes it huge.

Hi there, this is a known issue on 3.0.16 or .17, if you are still on these issues, I would recommend upgrading to .21: New Insync version: 3.0.21

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