I am done with Insyc


Let me set the stage here.

I have a paid Google Drive subscriptions of 2 terabytes.

I have an iMac where I have a complete synced copy of my Google Drive onto a 3 terabyte USB drive. This includes a large photography folder of approximately 983 gigabytes.

I have a openSUSE Linux system where I have synced a single folder from the photography folder. This sub-folder contains approximately 5 gigs of data.

I accidentally removed the sub-folder. No problem, I should be able to restore from trash and continue. Unfortunately, I discovered that not only had the sub-folder been moved to trash, but the entire photography folder. In others words by deleting a folder that contained approximately 5 gigabytes, Insync deleted the entire photography folder containing approximately 983 gigs.

I verified that the entire photography folder was now missing on the iMac system.

This is a serious issue. I have 1 Terabyte per month Internet connection. To fully restore the sync
on the iMac is going to take 2-3 months considering that I can only use 3-4 gigs each month (I also use other streaming services).

This is very ugly and unacceptable. It also represents a potential Denial-Of-Service.


I’m not too sure how Insync works on Mac exactly, but if it’s not too different from the Windows version, remotely deleted files should remain in a hidden folder called “.insync-trash”. You should be able to recover all the files without re-downloading them.
You probably still need to do a re-sync, but this doesn’t take much bandwidth at all.


I only use Insync on linux systems. On Windows and Mac, I use the Google client.


Hi @Craig_Ozancin,

I sincerely apologise for the inconvenience! I will be forwarding this to our team for initial investigation and I will let you know if we need any additional information. In the meantime, please send your logs as well as the complete file path of the photography folder to support@insynchq.com with the link to this post.

May I know if you were able to locate the hidden .insync-trash folder and restore the photography folder?


As I said in an earlier post, I am using the Google Client on the iMac system. There is no .insync-trash to recover from.


For windows I found dropbox is much better because insync don’t work so good suppose you have made a folder named as cisco support in the dropbox you can easily access, manage and share it to the user which you want.


deleted files on a synced computer goes to trash folder on online drive.