I can't test the new backup feature in Ubuntu [solved, must be on 3.7.0 to test]

I can’t test the new backup feature because in http://apt.insync.io/ubuntu is still the old version, 3.6. Can you update the repository?

In the meantime, you can use the download page. It has the latest version.

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@bayindirh Correct! Thank you :slight_smile:

We haven’t released auto-updates for 3.7.0 (Mac and Win) and in the repositories. We are waiting for feedback from our users regarding the installation to see if we need to deploy any fixes. :slight_smile: Thank you!

So you sent we Ubuntu users a notification in the app that our account has been changed to a Trial version, yet you did not provide the update of the app necessary to use that Trial version?

Do you get how confusing this is to us? I just want to sync my files and not worry about what you are doing under the hood.

So please just don’t give us the trial version. Let’s all just forget this Trial version nonsense ever happened.

@Bill_Miller Extremely valid points raised here, and this shows that we must take into consideration all possible angles when releasing new features and versions.

Rest assured this has been forwarded to our Product Team and will be taken seriously to avoid confusion on our users’ end. Thank you very much for sharing your feedback!!