I don't want Insync/Google Drive to sync my Recycle Bin

Is there any way to configure Insync and/or Google Drive to NOT sync my Recycle Bin? It’s quite annoying.

Have you tried deselecting it via selective sync?

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I don’t see the recycle bin as a selectable option. Where would I find that exactly please?

Oh, so you can’t see the bin in your synced files in selective sync? Can you send in your logs via support@insynchq.com with the link to this post? How to find the log files

I’m still waiting to hear back from you on my issue. Please advise. Thank you.

Were you already able to send in your logs to support@insynchq.com?

cc: @dipesh

Yes, over 1 week ago

Still waiting for a reply. RIDICULOUS! HORRIBLE customer service.

STILL waiting for a reply from your “support”.

After FINALLY hearing back from Dipesh in Tech Support, he was able to instruct me to uninstall Google Drive from all computers and simply use Insync. Now the Recycle bin no longer syncs across all computers. The issue has been solved.