I found an application similar to Insync but can edit google files offline


Hi, so I found a new application when I was looking for a way to work in all my google drive files Offline, founded an application that does that in a way that I think is a must in Insync.

OverGrive is the name of this application, they actually convert any google drive into a Microsoft Office or LibreOffice file directly into your synchronize folder , so you can actually open those files in your computer. They still remain as a google drive file when you go into google drive website, so they actually convert the file so you can work with it directly in your computer and reconvert the file for you to work in Google Drive.

I just hope Insync take this idea and we could get this functionality some day in the near future.
Really hope a moderator read this thread and look into this application.


Hello. You can do that with insync as well. To enable this option you must switch it in account settings.
a) Open main window of the insync.
b) Place the mouse cursor over your google account avatar and you’ll see drop down menu.
c) Click on “Account Settings”.
d) Second option from top “Conversion” (two circular arrows symbol).
This option enables conversion from google docs on the drive to ms office docs on the PC and vice versa.


Hi @PCmist,

Thanks so much for helping out!

Hi @MarcoLetona,

I believe we got to talk over email, but if you haven’t gotten around to seeing it, you can out the steps that PCmist highlighted above!