I give up trying forever newer versions


I’m done with Insync.

I don’t even rememer, when this program worked without problems - it’s more than year for sure.

I’ve tried many OSes (Windows, Mac, Linux) and versions, including beta. Everytime I hit the same problem - after some time is sync stopped, application is not responding, even to close command.

I suppose the problem is a large number of files in my Google Drive and Team Drive, but I think that Insync team has enough time to fix this problem and I suppose I’m not the only one facing these problems.

Selective sync for one folder does not works either. Latest Windows 10 Pro + macOS. Latest version of Insync.

Don’t waste your time with this application if you have a large number of files / folders, it simply does not works.


Hi @vaclavdobsicek

This is one of our top priorities as we improve syncing behavior in future 1.5.x versions. Our engineers are currently working to finally put this issue to rest. :slight_smile:


I beg to differ!

Check out the current status of my GDrive:

InSync has been taming that beast for a very long time now. It runs flawlessly for me, not skipping a single beat. Sure, I had a few hickups in the beginning but compared to Big G’s software, InSync is a breeze! At least here one can get some decent support while on the G side forums are of the worst kind I’ve ever seen. No Google engineer will take a closer look at your logs; InSync does this and does it well!


Hi @vaclavdobsicek! Could you please test this private build for your Mac? It specifically addresses the issue on handling a huge number of files. Let us know how it goes!




Ok, maybe I will try it and let you know.

But as I stated before, I’m really tired of trying new and beta versions and hope it will works - after all, I’m not your beta tester…


I have a large number of files and folders (well, not above 15 GB anyway), but the program never let me down, neither on Linux nor on Windows, and offers many options you just can’t find in Google Sync&Backup (which sucks, by the way, since I tried it several times and it never worked properly - even on Windows).
So if Insync did not exist I would quickly look for another solution. I’m glad it does exist.
Please stop saying nonsense about things you don’t understand.


What nonsense did I say?

Do you undersand the main point in sentence “Don’t waste your time with this application if you have a large number of files / folders, it simply does not works.”? If not, it’s “…if you have a large number of files / folders”.

I had tested it many times on many system and unfortunately it is as I stated. I’m payng customer since 2013, I don’t feel any spite against this product and I really know what I’m saying.


Quick info about current state - I downloaded the client you recommended and from is still running and no one file was synced (5 - 6 days). I marked only one folder with several files for sync, but I suppose the problem is not the ammount of files for actual sync but that there is still some initial phase running (the status line shows “361288 items remaining”.

System: macOS Mojave 10.14