I know it's a stretch - Insync support for Google photos

Google recently dropped Google drive sync for Google photos. Which blows. I used it to sync all my pictures. I’d take a pic with my phone and within minutes it would be on my PC in my Google Photo folder that was in my Google drive folder. Their Backup and Sync desktop app does not work well at all and only syncs UP to the cloud apparently.

I can still sync my photos from one PC to another by having my Google Photos folder on the PC within the Google drive folder - which Insync dutifully syncs. But no new pictures will show up that are added from a phone. I’ve either got to manually save the photo to Google drive on the phone or use the Windows My Phone app to download the pictures and save them to the Google photos folder.

It would be superb if Insync would support Google Photos sync. I realize it’s a different product and would require different access and API. But I am hard pressed to find a way to get back this missing functionality again and am desperate enough to come begging here.

Any possibilities? I think you would sell a LOT of licenses just to people who are looking for a way to make this work again.

Not even that.
Google has NO public API that can support such a feature. It isn’t possible for any 3rd party clients to implement the Photos <-> Drive sync that Google once had.

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Thanks for the reply, I was sure that’s what the answer would be but wanted to check to make sure.