I was *going* to praise Insync for its ability to detect file moves instead of treating them as deletes & uploads, but.,,

I recently moved my screenshots folder from Documents/ShareX/Screenshots/* to Documents/ShareX/*. It contains 1.25 GB and around 4,500 files, so I was worried what Insync would do when I cut and paste all those folders; as I did not want to have to upload all of them all over again. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that the first few dozen logs said that files were moved, instead of seeing a bunch of deletions and uploads. Buuut… a minute later, I stopped seeing “file moved” logs and started seeing hundreds of “file deleted” and “file uploaded” logs. I can imagine that it’s somewhat difficult to detect file moves; as you probably have to go through the entire queue of file changes, and see if there are files with the same name in different locations, etc. I was happy when it started, but disappointed when it stopped working properly. I would be much happier if Insync handled the large batch of file moves properly, as it would probably mean the syncing job would be done much faster.


Hi @Drakinite!! Thank you so much for the feedback.

It might have to do with the cut+paste action versus drag+drop but let me check this out for you if you’d like? :slight_smile: You can send your logs.db and out.txt files to support@insynchq.com and look for me!

Sure. :slight_smile:
I zipped them up right after I wrote the post, just in case I had to send them, hehe.

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Great! I received them and I responded to that email too, @Drakinite :smiley: