Ignore GDS (Google Data Studio) files 0 bytes files in root of google drive


After each installation I do the tedious task of ignoring *.gdsheet *.gddoc etc… and cleaning up my root gdrive folder… (why is there no one click or default for this??, no i do not want to convert them or any web ~symlinks, anyway ranting onwards…)

However there are other type of special files. Google Data Studio (GDS) files do not have a special extension, they have no extension - just 0 bytes, so I’m struggling to use the ignore list - without suggesting to my team to rename all the GDS data sources to include a tag in the name - not going to happen. How can I ignore GDS data sources? Insync is syncing them to the root folder as 0 files. Delete them and all your reports break (eek)

Is there an easy way to ignore all special files without the ignore list, or a solution to the above, or even an install flag --behave-the-same-as-official-client etc??

Surely one of the properties here determines if the file is a special gsuite/gdoc metadata file?