Ignore list file? (.insyncignore)

Ignore list is a great feature but I need to “sync” my ignore list on multiple machines and that’s a headache. Maybe insync should support something like .gitignore (per folder)? Or maybe there should be an option to honor .gitignore files?

Either solution would be good


Thanks for the input! I’ll bring this up to our engineers. I personally think this is a great idea :slight_smile:

Hi @jaduenas, did this make it onto your roadmap? This is one of the main reasons I’m looking to switch from Google Drive.

Same question here. I have a case here that in some folders, I would like to ignore bin folders, but in some other folders, I would like to sync them.

+1 would be great to have it. :slight_smile:

Ignore lists with patterns is one of the main reason why I chose Insync and having it as .gitignore-like files would be even more awesome in some cases.

does this exist? does this exist now?

Fairly certain it exists in 1.5.7. Definitely exists in 3.0.25+. There’s an ignore tab under each account settings in the insync gui.

Edit; I just saw desire to sync ignore lists either through insync or synced ignore files. I don’t know if that’s possible. Apologies for wasting your time.