Ignore rules don't work


I am trying to exclude some folders from synchronization (Ubuntu Linux 22.04) with a Google Drive Account. This works, if I am using just simple folder names like:


But I would like to have my ignore rules more specific, so I tried rules with path names or full paths:


or full paths

/home/hermannjosef/Audio/In Bearbeitung

As soon as I am switching to these extended ignore rules, they are failing and the folders, that should be excluded, get synchronized.

What do I have to do to get this working?

Thank you very much for any tipps and hints!

Hi @charadrius!

Could you please let me know what your full base folder path is? If you prefer to discuss this privately (since we are mentioning certain files/folders on your machine), please email me at support@insynchq.com and include a link to this post. :slight_smile:

Hello Mia,

thank you for your reply!

This is my full base folder path:


However, I would like to sync some files outside the base folder, in order to combine files and folders from different sources. So the paths, where I want to sync outside on my local drive are

/home/hermannjosef/Dokumente etc.

Thank you very much for any hints!

Checking with the team to ensure I’m relaying accurate info to you, @charadrius. Thank you for the patience!

Thank you, @mia!

Meanwhile, let me please explain, what I want to achieve with my synchronization settings:

  1. I have a primary Google Drive account, which I would like to sync in my local directory structure as I have it already described:

    • Images
      — Images sub-folder (1) from primary Google Drive
      — Images sub-folder (2) from primary Google Drive etc.

    • Documents
      — Documents sub-folder (1) from primary Google Drive
      — Documents sub-folder (2) from primary Google Drive etc.

Into this structure I want to sync sub-folder from a secondary Google Drive account this way:

- Images
--- Images sub-folder (1) from primary Google Drive
--- Images sub-folder (2) from **secondary** Google Drive
--- Images sub-folder (3) from primary Google Drive etc.

- Documents
--- Documents sub-folder (1) from primary Google Drive
--- Documents sub-folder (2) from **secondary** Google Drive
--- Documents sub-folder (3) from primary Google Drive etc.

In order to avoid, that the sub-folders from the secondary Drive account get synchronized into the primary Drive account, I have to set exclude / ignore rules:

[exclude] Images sub-folder from **secondary** Google Drive
[exclude] Documents sub-folder from **secondary** Google Drive etc.

I hope, this can be done in some way!

Thank you very much for your assistance!

Hello @mia, could you find out something, meanwhile?

Hello @charadrius! Following up on the ignore rules with our engineer. Apologies for the delays as they have been attending to other matters in their timeline.

Thank you for understanding!

Hello @charadrius! Thank you for waiting :slight_smile:

As per our engineer, this setup is not possible. You cannot add the same local syncing path more than once to the same or multiple accounts.

As for the ignore rules, please see this example from our engineer. The ignore rule set is /Ignore/ExtFolder.

On this second example (i.e., a folder that is nested deeper into the structure), the ignore rules is /Contents/Test Test/Hello:

Thank you!

Thank you very much, @mia, for your answer!

I understand, that I can not add the same syncing path multiple times. Therefore I tried to solve this by ignore rules.

I have tried the rules according to the recommendations of your engineer. I have the following rules:

The rules contain the path “/Bilder/Seelsorge” as specified by your engineer.

When I now add the local folder “Bilder/Seelsorge” on my device, this folder should not be synced - at least if I have understood the ignore rules correctly.

Unfortunately this folder gets synced nevertheless:

Is there anything I can do to avoid this?

Thank you very much for all your advice!

Hi @charadrius,

The relative path is Seelsorge, so you should enter Seelsorge and not /Bilder/Seelsorge. As explained in our Ignore Rules doc, a “relative path” means the part AFTER the Base Folder path. So in this case, your base folder (sync location) is /home/hermannjosef/Bilder.

Am I understanding that there are other subfolders named Seelsorge that are in other main folders, and you want those synced?

Thank you very much, @mia. I’m beginning to understand, how the ignore rules work :wink:

Yes, I have other subfolders named Seelsorge in other main folders and I would like these other folders to be synced. That’s exactly my problem.

But these other folders are not top-level folders directly after the base folder. So, if the ignore rules would exclude only the first Seelsorge-folder and not sub-folders like Something/Seelsorge everything would be fine…

Thank you very much!

Gotcha! I’ll check in with our engineers to see if there’s a way around your situation because entering Seelsorge as the ignore rule will, in fact, ignore all folders named as such :confused:

Hello @charadrius! As per our engineer, ignoring Seelsorge from Bilder/ but not from other locations like /home/hermannjosef/Dokumente/Seelsorge and /home/hermannjosef/Notizen/Seelsorge is not possible at the moment if they are all being synced from outside of your base folder. If they are being synced in the same tree, then it is possible.

By any chance, would renaming the to-be-ignored folder be possible so that you could specify that folder name on the ignore rules?

Please excuse me, @Mia, that I didn’t reply to your answer. I have found another solution to handle my multiple Insync-Accounts, which makes it no longer necessary to mix the directories of different accounts. So I am very happy now :wink:

No worries at all, @charadrius! Thank you for coming back to this thread to update me.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything in the future!