Ignore rules working only partially

I used the following ignore pattern, which should, by default, ignore everything on the root level, but then permit specific exceptions. That way I wanted to achieve to not immediately sync everything on the drive I am watching. In addition, I specified some folders I never want to be synced:

.local/ # folders/subfolders I never want to sync

This what works as expected on github: compare “bier2” in https://github.com/mluerig/gi-test and on my local git repo:


However, this does NOT work in Insync, which will upload the .local folder. Looks like a bug to me?!

Hello! Let me forward this to our engineers and get back to you accordingly :slight_smile:

By the way, @mluerig Could you please let me know if you’re trying to do cloud-to-local sync or local-to-cloud? The latter pertains to Local Selective Sync (LSS):


it was 2-way, but at the stage of local-to-cloud

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@mluerig Copy that! Let me do some testing on my end, and I will let you know what steps to take next!

Hi! Upon checking, the ignore rule you shared does not upload the .local folder on my end. In any case, I have forwarded this to our engineer for further assistance. I’ll get back to you as soon as I know more. Thank you!

To add: could you send me a screenshot of the Insync UI showing that the .local folder got uploaded to the cloud? That is indicated by a green check mark beside the item. Thank you!