Implement the pause/unpause from tray icon on Linux

I think this was available at some point but was removed (not 100% sure this was the case).

Basically I would like to be able to pause/unpause the syncing from the tray icon in Linux, instead of having to launch the Insync window to do it.

I use Insync to sync my Calibre library and it is vital that the syncing is paused while Calibre is working and books are added / removed / edited, etc to avoid corruption of the database or other inconvenient stuff.


Hi @Tahini,

Thanks for reaching out about this. I’ve forwarded this to our product team :slight_smile:

Hi @mia!
I think that this feature is simple to implement and will bring us a better experience of using Insync.

I always need to “Pause syncing”. In that case, it is a bit inconvenient to open the Insync screen just to do it.

Adding the “Pause syncing” in the system tray, would be more productive.


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2 years later but, this please! It would be great to be able to pause/resume the syncing from the tray.

My use case is there are times when I have to paste a large number of files or perform move/rename operations on a large number of files, some of which involve parentheses () which Google Drive can struggle with, even resulting in data loss! So I’ll usually pause the syncing, do what I need, then resume syncing.

Currently the only items in the tray menu are ‘Open app window’ and ‘Quit’



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Hey! Thanks so much for bumping this feature request. I have notified our Product Team about our users’ interest regarding this. :slight_smile:

Can you let me know, in the meantime, what your experience is having to pause it on the app window itself such as inconvenience, too many clicks to do, etc.

Hey there! Yes I would say, it’s best described as too many clicks. I have to first check whether syncing is running or not, so I open the app. I then ‘pause app’. I do my work which might take minutes or hours. Then I need to enable syncing again so I open app, then ‘resume app’.

I think the minor inconvenience here is that even looking at the system tray, there isn’t a way for me to know whether the app is paused or not. So I have to open a new window, check, toggle, then close. The productivity helper would be, being able to pause/resume from the tray menu itself. Hope that’s making sense.

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It does make so much sense, and valid points raised here! :slight_smile: I will be including these suggestions and feedback in the feature request funnel.

Let me know if you have anything else in mind!