Incorrectly showing files as synced in UI

Just noticed this yesterday and I have reproduced it over relaunches / reboots. InSync is showing some child directories as synced when the parent directories are not:

None of the highlighted directories are synced (they are not present in Windows Explorer), but they get the green flags for some reason.

These are files have never been synced to this machine as far as I know, so it’s kind of odd. I’ve poked around and there are a handful of other examples where the same thing is happening. Not every directory tree, but maybe 10%? It seems to only happen in directories that were synced at some point, somewhere, in the last 3-6 months at least (not all of them, but that’s the super set).

Here are my logs:

Edit: just to be clear with that screenshot, the only erroneous bits are within the pink brackets, the synced directories outside those brackets are working as expected.

Hi @fifthlegion,

What happens if you hover on those folders and click “Open Location”?

The “Open Location” button doesn’t appear on those items when I hover over them.

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I see-- we’ll investigate this further to see why this happens. Could you let me know if you’ve reinstalled Insync aside from rebooting?

No, haven’t done any reinstalls in the last ~month.

Could you give that a try for me to see if the badge issue persists? Let me know if you have any apprehensions with re-installing and I would be more than glad to walk you through it