Indicator Elementary Juno


I recently moved to Elementary 5.0 Juno. I installed Insync, since is the best Google Drive client out there, but I can’t get the indicator to show up in the wingpanel. Do yo have any workaround to fix this?


Me too! This makes insync useless on this OS. Please, please address this!


Hi guys! Any chance you’re on GNOME? :slight_smile: If so, can you try installing the AppIndicator extension and let me know if the issue persists?


Hi, I’m not on GNOME (I know insync works ok there). I am working on Elementary Juno (5.0). I used to run Elementary Freya (previous version) and I got insync up and running, but in this new version of the OS there is no way to get the indicator on the screen.


Hi guys, here’s a discussion on wingpanel indicators on Juno and a possible workaround:

The problem isn’t Insync but the fact that Juno doesn’t support wingpanel indicators.


Thank you for this :metal:


Thank you very much! Insync is up and running.