Initial upload is stopping

I’m on Fedora 37 and GNOME 43.
I’m initially trying to upload 1.2M files but I am doing it in batches.

Everything seems to be running great until after a little while and the uploads seem to just stop. It’s been running all night and only about 2,000 files have uploaded (out of 17,000 file folder).

If I open the app and pause the upload, then wait a little while and restart, it resumes uploading again. For a short time.

In the “out” log I found this message repeated thousands of times:

js: ResizeObserver loop limit exceeded

Any idea what’s going on?

BTW, I’m on the trial version at the moment.

Is anyone reading this?

This is very concerning. I did some research and it seems this problem goes back to 2020 with no resolution.

If this cannot be fixed, then I cannot purchase the application. I know you’re a small company but this is not how to support your customers.

Hi @cbmeeks,

The js: ResizeObserver loop limit exceeded means that ResizeObserver was not able to deliver all observations within a single animation frame. It is benign (i.e., it will not break anything). ResizeObserver is a function we use to track resizing of certain UI elements. We use it for elements that are anchored to something (like dropdowns), to make sure that they are still anchored to to them if they ever move.

As for the problematic upload, could you please send the following to

  • logs.db and out.txt files
  • The link to this forums post for easy reference
  • In-app error messages, if there are any

Thank you!

I have sent an email to that address along with the requested log files.

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Hi! My colleague has attended to your email. Thank you very much!

Thank you for your support. I have responded to the email sent.

However, I’d like to mention a work-around I figured out that seems to be working very well.
When I notice the files are stuck, I quit the Insync app.

Then, I use rclone to push the files up to my Google Drive. rclone is VERY reliable. Once rclone is finished, I turn on Insync and it then just scans the files and notices they are in sync.

This doesn’t always work so I have to do it in small batches. In fact, what I’ve been doing is moving my files to another folder, push them up with rclone and then have Insync PULL them down to my correct folder. Insync seems to have fewer issues pulling files then pushing.

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There are countless of bugs like this with insync, been “using” it for 18 months now but actually regret it everyday, it has never works as intended or never for more than a couple of weeks then strange/weird behaviors start again. Better to look for an alternative than wasting your time with this crap. Support doesn’t help, they just waste your time asking you to email a bunch of useless logs but nothing comes out of it…

@cbmeeks Thank you for walking us through the workaround! It looks like your issue is related to a rate limit exceeded error, which often happens with large uploads involving plenty of smaller files.

Rest assured that our team is focused on improving Insync’s reliability, including making large sync jobs more seamless for our users. :slight_smile:

Hello, @oleg!

I apologize for the unpleasant experience you’ve had for the last 1.5 years! :frowning: I’ve tried to trace our previous tickets and it seems like the last exchange was about 6 months ago. We had to close the ticket since we have not received a response from you.

I would be happy to double-check and see if you are experiencing a similar issue as @cbmeeks’ so I can escalate this to our engineers for further investigation. Please feel free to reach out to, addressed to me, with your log files. :slight_smile:

Thank you!