Initialization failed…


Since yesterday my account shows me “initialization failed” - this is really disappointing as it took several days to get all my files resynced with the 300 GB of files on a realy slow internet connection…

In former threads I found that I have to remove the account and set it up again - but whats happening to all the teamdrive-folders I have allready synced - how to select them right, so that the files won’t be resynced again.

As I really loved insync before, it seems to be not a really save way to backup my work files to gsuite… I really wonder if I can still trust this software. :frowning:

InSync 1.4.9.x
macOS Sierra 10.12.6 with macOS Server installed…



so no idea or suggestions from the support-team?


Hey @Christian_Cub!

Apologies for the late reply (my girlfriend just gave birth!). Have you tried removing your account and logging back in? You won’t have to resync your files when you do this unless you change the main sync folder directory. Let me know if this works for you! :slight_smile: