Inquiry of the effiency of Google Drive sychorinization


Our company is currently evaluating the efficiency between Insync (Ver. 1.2.3) and Google Drive.
We realized ONLY one file make to change on LOCAL drive, it took 15secs to synchronize Google Drive.
On the other hand, if changes(one file) made on Google drive, it took 28-35mins to synchronize LOCAL drive.

Is there any more efficient way to sync Google Drive to local drive?

Our testing sample: local drive/Google drive has 18269 files, total file size:26.7GB

Thank you for your reply

@Robin_Yang That sounds unusual and is not what is supposed to happen. Was Insync still doing an initial sync? That could have caused the delay.

Do you mind doing another test on another file?

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  1. Insync initial sync is already closed, so I proceeded the file update on Google Drive.
  2. As my test is run on my company’s intranet, do I need to do some setting beforehand, etc. firewall or ports.
  3. Just now I tried to delete 1 file and add 1 file on Google Drive, it still took 20mins to update to local drive.
  4. How long does Insync take to update local drive from Google Drive NORMALLY, if files have changed on Google Drive?

Thank you for your reply.

It shouldn’t take long and usually seconds so 20 minutes is very unusual.

Am cc’ing @dipesh, our Windows engineer to see if he can help.

@Robin_Yang: I just replied to your email to support as well. Usually, if Insync is done with the initial local folder scanning, the new changes are queued as soon as they are detected. In your test, before updating/deleting files, what was Insync’s state, was it the animating tray icon or a stable green checkmark/error icon? We request you to conduct test after Insync has reached a stable sync state after the start.

Could you send across the Insync’s logs.db and out.txt files from your machine so that we could check if there are any network/proxy issues in your setup? See: how to find logs