Insync 1.2.18 frozen

Insync menu keeps freezing up. Sometimes the syncing works and sometimes it shows an error, but I can only see the feed items. The other menus are unresponsive.

Hi @Philip_v_d_Heever what is your OS? :slight_smile:

Its loaded on a Windows 7 OS and on a Mac, but only the Windows 7 version is giving trouble.

@Philip_v_d_Heever: What are the errors that it shows? Please send to us the Insync logs from your Windows 7 machine: How to find the log files


Firstly, like I said the menu does not respond to anything (including clicking on support). I have found what I think are logs, but how do I get them to you (I cannot find an attachment icon and your mail is from a NoReply address)?

@Philip_v_d_Heever: Please send them to