Insync 1.2.9 not syncing

Only in the last few days, Activity symbol gets stuck (blue arrow circles) with no activity occurring, usually in the middle of the day after working fine. Continually have to either select “Pause” then “Resume” or close the program and re-open for it to catch up. In both cases syncing is not immediate as it was in previous versions. Have tried both workarounds several times this morning and still waiting over an hour and a half to get any work done. No Errors, no Actions Required, no Incoming Shares, no Progress, no Shares, no Working. Internet Connection has been fine and all other Web based programs working perfectly.

Now it (finally) shows “171 ITEMS REMAINING” / Progress tab shows “171 items queued” however it still has not sync’d any of these files. Nearly 2 hours after logging in this morning. Doing as much other work as I can but this delay is costing me.

Now it is syncing files. Didn’t do anything in the past 30 minutes but leave it alone. Why is there suddenly this delay in getting files caught up? In the past Insync always sync’d my files shortly after logging on.

@JL_Fitzpatrick: We can’t control the sync behaviour of Insync client from our end. We haven’t released any auto-update in the past 3 days either. Sometimes, the files in the queue may seem stuck when Insync is busy with higher priority tasks such as local folder scan (just after it starts or resumes) or processing the Google Drive change events. Therefore it is advisable that you do not pause/force-sync often if you have a large number of files being sync’d locally. We are working on improving this behaviour.

In some recent reports, we have observed that for some of the users, making a few changes to certain folders leads to a LOT of Google Drive metadata change events where the actual data hasn’t changed. This also causes Insync to get busy doing “nothing” as it processes those events and finds out that not many files have actually changed. It seems to be an issue with some specific Google Drive folders. We are still investigating the issue and are not sure yet if it can be circumvented by Insync.

If you experience “not syncing” phase other than after you have just resumed/started Insync, please send to us the logs and compressed copy of the Insync databases folder (present next to the logs file): How to find the log files (Do not quit Insync, just create the copy while it is still running)


Insync has been working fine since this last post. This morning when I logged on a notification popped up that it was upgrading (currently shows version All of today including after I rebooted for another update, Insync has never synced a single file. I’ve sent two logs to your support email describing this issue including just a few minutes ago. All the work I’ve done and my colleagues have done today has not been shared. We are unable to collaborate.