Insync 1.4.5 on Mac High Sierra - stuck with 'items queued'



I have insync installed on a number of macs. On one of them the syncing process became stuck with over 20k items queued and it’s not moving, prior to that it was scanning for changes for 3 days. I have tried to downgrade there to 1.3 but that didn’t resolve the issue so I’m back on 1.4.5 (still stuck).
I’ve already shared the logs with support (over 2 weeks ago) and after initial interaction, despite further emails from my side I have received not further response.
I have two accounts there syncing and over 600G of data and it’s hard to tell which files might have been changed and synced already and which not.
What should I do now?


Hi @pshemk,

May I confirm the email you used to send your logs so I can trace that ticket? :slight_smile:



Is there a way to reply privately to you? I don’t feel comfortable sharing my email over here.
I’ve been dealing with Joshua C.


@pshemk No worries, totally understandable! Just head over to our Help Center and click the chatbox icon on the lower left (see guide here). Alternatively, shoot us an email at :slight_smile:


Hi @miamoran I’ve sent you an email to confirm the details. Has there been any progress on the case? I’ve not received any further communications past the initial request for logs.