Insync 1.4 is sitting doing nothing


Yes I did it from Ubuntu 16.04. They notified for reception of those and they are working to solve the issue.


24 hours later the number of items remaining has been reduced from 23047 to 23036ā€¦


So we can deduce Insync was started 11 times on your computer (if the bug act like this on my computer)


Hello all.

Follow instructions here: New version - unable to SELECT what to synch


That does not address the queuing problem, only the selective sync problem.


Hi, same for me since the 2 last update, insync is completely broken, i tried many things, also full unsintall with registry and temp and install back, still activity froze after few files updates. Is it possible from the creator to come back to previous working version until you find the problem to the last version and disable the update. Thanks


Iā€™m getting the same. All our systems. Mac based, all just get to this point and stop doing anything. Quit and launch again and it starts running. Aside from that though Iā€™m enjoying the new version.


I installed the new update, delete account and set it again, but the issue is still there