New version - unable to SELECT what to synch


The old version I was able to setup specific folders to SYNCH automatically, the new version synchs everything that is shared with me. This is rediculous. I can’t believe that one of the best features has been removed from the tool set. Please restore the ability to choose what to synch.



@insyncher We still have selective sync. Go to your Google account and click Manage and then Selective Sync. It’s all there.

Let me know if it works for you.


@terpua @insyncher
This software was wonderful, before the most recent upgrade. Now it is no longer usable.

I am using the new 1.4.3 linux version (Ubuntu 16.04 - 64 bit) of insync, and I can confirm that selective sync is no longer available. There is no “google account”, “Manage”, or “Selective sync” anywhere to be found in this software.

This (oversight?) has now rendered this software useless for me. Please restore the ability to choose what to sync so I can continue using this software.


Selective sync is now via single or multi-select (rows) under the Files view. You can right click for the context menu for un/syncing functionality.

Perhaps, we need to highlight this initially?

Different of macOS, Insync doesn'thave selective sync and syncs everything in LInux. It's worse than Insync for macOS

@terpua, thanks for trying to help. Unfortunately you must have a different version of the software on your computer. Here is what happens when I install insync v 1.4.3 on ubuntu 16.04 64 bit:

Install insync

  • it asks me to sign into my google drive
    so I sign in
  • it asks me which folder I want to use for insync
    so I tell it
  • it immediately starts syncing all 3 TB of google drive folders from my google drive.
    so I pause the sync, I don’t want 3 TB of folders on this computer (thousands upon thousands of folders, I am letting it try to sync all of them (against my better judgement) 50k folders so far, this is ridiculous why is it forcing me to put 50 k folders on my computer). This is the reason I paid 30 something dollars for insync…
  • i start looking around for ways to stop it from syncing all the folders. nothing
  • you tell me I can go in and individually tell it to “unsync folders”
    so i right click on a random folder as you say
    the only option i have is to “sync entire folder”, “sync to a separate folder”, “share” “get link” “rename” “view on drive” or “create new”. No option to “unsync” as you are telling me. I have a feeling if I let this thing continue syncing all 3 TB of folders, THEN I would have an option to unsync. But as I mention before - I really do NOT want thousands of folders on this machine.

Can you please just tell me how to download the old version?


Before you upgraded to 1.4.3, where your drive files already synced or is this a new account?

RE: old version – New Insync version: 1.3.24

Tagging @beatobongco, our engineer.


I have the same issue on Windows 10. By default it tries to download everything; the only way I was able to get it to stop was to go into the OS file explorer, use the Insync right-click context menu, and tell it “Selectively unsync”.

It’s odd that I’d have to actually leave the Insync file explorer in order to manage Insync’s selective sync options.

I agree with OP; this is not a good UI/UX decision. Those of us with large Google drives that install Insync on say, a laptop with limited space, should have a preliminary option to default to ‘files on demand’.


This sounds like a bug. Please send logs to

Tagging @dipesh, another engineer.


Hello everyone,

Sorry about this issue. In build, all the My Drive items get sync’d by default. We’ll push a fix to it soon so that they don’t sync unless you explicitly choose them to sync (or unless you’ve the “Sync new children of partial folders” checked).

“Shared with me” items and “Team Drives” don’t sync by in the current build and we will retain this behaviour.

We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience that this issue has caused.



Thank you so much, I look forward to the fixed version!

@terpua This was a new installation on a new linux box.


I can confirm this issue, it has giving me a serious headache…
I’m looking forward to the fix!

However, even if the issue of the immediate full downlad gets fixed, the UI for selective syncing is a step backwards from the previous version.

For instance, all four maps in the picture below have been synced to my hard drive. But there is no way to tell from Inysnc.

If I want to unsync one these folders, I now first have to tell Insync that it is synced, to then tell it to unsync. Which is just not user-friendly. And to add to this: I get no feedback from the interface that my choice (‘unsync’) was accepted. The folder just return to its ‘unmarked’ state…

This is really messy…


That also sounds like a bug. Synced folders should have a checkmark. Can you confirm if those folders are synced and has local copies?

cc @jimperio


Hi Terpua,

Checkmarks only appear after I went to the Insync client and individually marked all folders as being ‘synced’ and then unselecting the folders that I did not needed to have on my local drive.

So, just make clear what I had to do

  1. Installed 1.4 on a newly installed laptop
  2. Insync immediately started to sync all files and folders
  3. After everything was synced, the client showed no checkmarks. Checkmarks did appear in Nautilus however.
  4. I could not ‘unsync’ in Nautilus, but had to go the client to manually click on each folder to mark them as ‘synced’ and then reselect them to ‘unsync’.

I am not sure if this is clear for you or not? :slight_smile:


I need urgent to have the option to select what I will synchronize before starting the synchronization.
mark sync and then uncheck 2TB of unsigned data is impossible.


A hotfix is scheduled for this week :slight_smile:


Hello everyone,

We have released Insync version 1.4.4 that doesn’t sync any top level My Drive item unless you choose it to sync or unless you’ve the “Sync new children of partial folders” setting enabled under “Folder settings”

If Insync is still in the initial phase of syncing/processing the files+folders that you do not want it to sync, you can re-setup syncing and sync the desired items one by one:

  1. Install Insync 1.4.4 if it hasn’t auto updated for you already.
  2. Remove account.
  3. If you want to re-setup the account to the existing Insync folder, remove from it the My Drive folders that you do not want to sync.
  4. Add account again and select an empty(/existing) folder as Insync folder during setup.
  5. Selectively sync the items that you want to sync.

Let us know how it works.

Thank you all for being patient.

Progress stuck (XXX items queued) - syncing does not work
Insync 1.4 is sitting doing nothing

I will check as soon as possible.


Now insync does not automatically sync all folders in My Drive. I can go through and manually select the folders I wish to sync.

Thank you so much. That is impressive customer service in my opinion. <1 week and the fix is live and working.