InSync 1.5.7 effectively hangs Windows 10 Explorer

I have recently been experiencing hangs and extremely-long delays in Windows Explorer (file explorer). This is on Windows 10, with the latest feature update and the April 2020 cumulative update. I downloaded and installed ShellExView (Shell Extensions Viewer) by NirSoft and turned off all Windows Explorer extensions, then turned them back on in groups. I am 100% able to reproduce that InSync is the cause of the slowness and hands and nothing else.

What do I do, short of uninstalling and asking for a refund?


On Windows 10 is the Insync3.x still terribly unreliable and Insync 1.5.7 is from now not compatible with latest Windows 10 setup. Just great??!!

On windows 10 is still relative good way to use Google sync app. So, ask for refund!!!

Hi @michal.kvasnicka, I rolled back to 1.5.7 for testing purposes on my Windows 10 machine and am not experiencing any issues. May I know what compatibility issues you were experiencing?

Hi @kentsu,

Could you send your log files to with the link to this post? The logs can be found when you search for %appdata%\Insync. Click the Insync folder to show the logs.db and out.txt files.

I just comment @kentsu report, I am using Insync on Linux only.

Hi @miamoran,

Thanks for your response. I have sent the requested email.