Insync 1.5.7/Insync-headless not autostarting

Insync-headless is not autostarting even though it is set to do so.
Please help. Do I need to use a different version?
CentOS 7.
Using this version: Insync version: 1.5.7

Hi @J_Dalton_Humpf,

Can you run insync-headless set_autostart YES again and let me know if this is still happening? :frowning:

No need to use a different version, as this is our latest headless version.

I was able to do it, but I had to download from another link and ONLY install the headless.


Ooh, I think you might have installed the CentOS build and then tried accessing headless from there. :worried:

In any case, I’m glad to hear this is working out now :slight_smile: