Insync 1 way synching wants me to upgrade my plan?

Using linux mint, and insync is driving me nuts. I paid for a premium plan. I only want a few specific folders from my personal home folder to be synched, 1-way to a specific folders on my google drive. Every time i try to configure the program (latest version on my pc) it tells me to upgrade my plan! Every time I delete the insync config folder in my home folder and try it again but no way to make it happen 1-way…Help! now what? pay more? no way, the plan tells me I should have that possibility!

Hi @Theo,

Per this guide, Insync’s 1-way sync is available on the current pricing plans (Solo, Personal, Developer, and Company).

thanks for our answer. Just to be clear, I have purchased a Prime plan. Does that mean I have to pay for Solo again to be able to use 1-way sync?

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Hi Theo,

The Prime plan is not part of our current pricing plans. To answer your question, yes, you need at least a Solo plan in order to use 1-way sync. Please note that the Solo plan does not support Ignore Rules and Shared Drive/SharePoint syncing.

Okay thanks, but that’s it. I wont be using Insync again, practical use is zero and changing plans and limiting functionality does not work for me. Very disappointed customer, waiste of money.

I understand and thank you for your honest feedback, @Theo. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need help with anything else.

I too am done using Insync at this point. I discovered that 1-Way Sync wasn’t an option and went to the licensing page. Upon looking for help by clicking the Licensing Info link, it took me here, to a broken URL:


To find out that the functionality is not available when those of us that signed up as Prime members were explicitly told it was a one-time purchase fee for the product, is patently ridiculous.

Why not just change your “current pricing plans” every 30 days and tell people that their plan isn’t current and they need to pay again?

It’s bait and switch and in most countries, is illegal.

Hi @winglet,

Thank you for taking the time to write to us. I hear you and want to apologize for the gaps in our communication with our users, especially with those that have been using Insync for quite some time including you. I have forwarded your feedback to our Product Team so we can work on ensuring that our existing users are seriously taken into consideration before making any big changes to our product and services.

Do you mind sharing where you clicked the licensing info link from? I wanted to double-check that and make sure that our public links are updated.

i hope you understand that software development takes a lot of time and resources and if we included every single feature “for free forever” for all the versions and updates and for all plans, we won’t be able to survive.

1-way syncing was not under development under Prime so including it “for free” just isn’t fair to us and the upgrade path also includes a discount already.

anyways, i hope you understand that we are trying to balance fair pricing as well as development costs and i think historically, we have erred conservatively on the user’s side.

how do you think we should have included 1-way sync?

thanks for reading.

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@miamoran -

Certainly. The broken link can be found in the Dashboard interface. Specifically, here:

When clicking on “Licensing Help”, you are directed a friendly 404 URL.

@terpua -

As a multi-decade veteran of a major software corporation in the United States, an active participant in 10 open source projects, not the least of which is the Linux kernel itself, I am keenly aware of the intense resources required to execute and maintain a modern SDLC.

However, that isn’t the point of contention nor the focus of the discussion. I am not the entity that chose to market, sell, and collect revenue from users, claiming that a one-time fee would result in a perpetual product license, only to be deprecated later, without communication, and to be told it was no longer part of the current licensing scheme and additional payment would be required for ongoing use of functionality exposed in the product’s UI.

Nobody asked for anything “for free” nor “for free forever”. Attributing remarks to users through the use of quotation marks, when those statements were never written, is disingenuous and unprofessional. Your reply make makes absolutely no attempt whatsoever to either understand the concerns of your user base, nor understand or remedy the situation. Rather, it attempts to defend, without merit, a flawed business decision made by your company that is in no way, the fault of the end user. And in the process, attempts to attribute the misunderstanding to the end user, when your own website doesn’t contain functional links to “Licensing Help”, nor include information regarding the deprecation and migration of the “Prime” license level. No mapping to the new scheme is offered.

I have no issue with including additional functionality in various license levels. That’s prudent, normal, and fair. However, for long-time users of the product, especially those that Insync’s own employee admits were communicated with poorly due to “gaps in [your] communication with [your] users”, we should been migrated into the new licensing scheme at the appropriate or minimum feature level. The inclusion of the 1-way sync functionality in the product isn’t the problem, it’s the lack of that functionality for “Prime” users, when no documentation exists to incidate that at any current license level, that functionality is NOT included.

Visit “”, and find a single instance of the word “Prime”. There are none. Examine the features available in each license level, and you’ll find that even at the minimum level, “1-way syncing” is listed. Leaving users like myself, deeply confused as to why the product is asking me to upgrade my license when even at the lowest level, it should be included.

Insync’s lack of communication and proper customer handling are not my responsibility, but they are my problem. And the easiest way for me to remediate that problem is to take my business elsewhere, especially given the stance of your reply, which makes no efforts at resolution. Therefore, you’ve lost a user, and the potential revenue base of his company as well.

@winglet You’re absolutely right, and that’s my bad! I’ve reactivated the link to Licensing Help under the Prime-Desktop and Teams-Desktop tabs. Huge thanks for informing me.